Growth Through Study

     Old Mission Peninsula UMC knows that we grow in the faith with Study.  Jesus was called Teacher by his Disciples for good reason.  Scripture is a part of who we are.  Currently we are offering the following study times:

Sundays 10:00am    Adult Bible Study.  An informal and fun way to learn.

(in the winter months)

Wednesday Morning Women's Group Study Call Marge at

                        231-941-8657 to get plugged in.

Wednesday After School Program    4:00 to 5:30    Kids Grades K-5 

                        You can even catch the "Cool Bus" at Old Mission School.

                             (during the school year)

Sunday Worship 11am in winter and 10am in summer    


"And the other seed fell into the good soil and brought forth grain, growing up an increasing, and yielding up to thirty times as much and sixty times as much and even a hundred times as much as had been sown."  Mark 4:8 (NIV)

photo:  The Fouch orchard that is right next to the church, taken by Pastor Cobb. 

     The people of Old Mission Peninsula United Methodist Church know a little something about growth.  We serve others in the midst of a peninsula blessed with  beautiful orchards and vineyards.    We are shaped by the Creator who continues to gift us with all that we need to grow amazing fruit.

     With the grace of God at work, we are called and enabled to grow as people also.   Becoming a Christian is just the beginning of a life of faith.  By the mighty work of Christ we are forgiven, and considered by God to be wonderful.  We are adopted by God and given an eternal life.  Here is the rest of the good news!  The Holy Spirit continues to work in us.  Over time we grow better and better.  Over time we can become the great person God had in mind when we were created.

     No one at Old Mission Peninsula UMC is done growing yet.  We invite you to grow with us.

       Are you ready to become?


Photo of a rose grown in the new little rose garden at the church.  Cherries and apples grown this year.  Who knew that the "Blessing of the Blossoms" would bring such a great harvest this year?  You're right.  God did.